IN4390 Quantitative Evaluation of Embedded Systems: course 2021 - 2022

This course is under construction to swing back to on-campus teaching. Note: contents may be added/removed/outdated at any time.


Koen Langendoen Lydia Chen George Iosifidis Marco Zuniga

Course contents

This course offers an introduction into the art of performance evaluation and modeling, with a focus on embedded systems. It covers fundamental tools/techniques like ANOVA, Petri Nets, Markov Chains, and Queueing Theory; and hints at best practices along the way.

The course will involve lectures (twice a week) and a lab (once a week). The course contains customizable contents that counts for 30% towards the final grade as well as compulsory assignments (pass|fail) and a written test that counts for 80% at the end. A detailed explanation of the course setup and grading scheme can be found in this handout.

Schedule and course material

Lecture Date Teacher Topic + slides Preparation
1Nov 9 Koenintroduction
2Nov 11 Lydiadesign of experimenssee brighspace
3Nov 16 Lydiadesign of experimentssee brightspace
4Nov 18 Koenthe art of measuring
5Nov 23 Georgepetri nets
6Nov 25 Georgepetri nets
7Dec 2 Marcomarkov chains (DT)
8Dec 7 Koenoperational laws
9Dec 9 Koenqueueing theory
10Dec 14 KoenQ&A QTpractice questions
11Dec 16 Marcomarkov chains (CT)
12Dec 21 MarcoQ&A MC
13TBD Koen++project presentations

Take home exercises

One of the customization options is to do the following exercises connected to the Design of Experiments (DoE) lectures worth 10 points each.

Excercise Topic Deadline
1DoE ninja, 10 ptsNov 17
2DoE DIY, 10 ptsNov 22


During the lab hours the teaching assistants will be available for Q&A. Take advantage of this service!

Note that assignments 1-3 need to be done in pairs.

Assignment Topic Code Deadline Customizables
0see brighspaceNov 15
1ROS 2lab-1Dec 6≤ 120 pts, Dec 17
2Petri netsDec 13≤ 60 pts, Dec 23
3Putting it togetherlab-3Jan 17≤ 100 pts, Jan 24


To be done in pairs.

Reading list

Supplementary list


Exam Answers
practice examanswers


For questions regarding the labs please contact one of the teaching assistants: All other issues can be discussed with the principal lecturer: