About the data set

This website provides details on the deployment of sensors that monitor energy consumption of a household in the Netherlands. This website currently hosts data from a single household. We are currently extending our deployment to more households.  DRED (Dutch Residential Energy Dataset) is the first open-access, publicly available dataset from The Netherlands. Our deployment consists of several sensors measuring electricity, occupants occupancy and ambient parameters in a household. The data was collected over a period of 6 months from 5th July to 5th December 2015. The DRED dataset includes:		
  • Electricity monitoring - aggregated energy consumption and appliance level energy consumption.
  • Ambient information - room-level indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, environmental parameters (wind speed, humidity, precipitation).
  • Occupancy information- room-level location information of occupants, WiFi and BT RSSI information for localization
  • Household information - house layout, number of appliance monitored, appliance-location mapping, etc.
  • We use off-the-shelf sensors to monitor various parameters in the household. The table below shows the sensors deployed, data collected and the sampling frequency. 
    Sensor type Device used Data collected Sampling frequency
    Appliance level consumption  Plugwise circle time, power 1 Hz
    House level consumption Smart meter + Plugwise smile  time, power 1 Hz
    Indoor room temperature  Qualcomm beacons (5 rooms) time, degrees 1 min
    Outdoor temperature Qualcomm beacons  time, degrees 1 min
    Environmental data RNMI website time, windspeed, humidity, precipitation  1 hour
    Occupancy information smartphone, smartwatch time, room level location 1 min
    WiFi RSSI smartphone, smartwatch time, RSSI, MAC id, AP name 1 min
    BT RSSI smartphone, smartwatch time, RSSI,battery level, beacon id 1 min

    Data Access

    The DRED dataset is made available to the research community to test the performance of energy disaggregation algorithms, derive appliance usage  behavior and analyze demand response algorithms.
    The data was collected as part of research towards developing efficient energy disaggregation and demand side mangement algorithms. You can know  more about my research here. 
    To access the data, please send us your contact information and a short description on what you plan to do with the data via e-mail or fill up this form. I will provide the necessary credentials to access the dataset. Please not that, since the deployment is live, we keep updating the dataset and each new release will be labeled with month and year. Please cite the following paper(s) when you are using the dataset. Papers: 1. LocED: Location-aware Energy Disaggregation Framework
    S. N. A. U. Nambi, A. Reyes Lua and R. Prasad, “LocED: Location- aware energy Disaggregation Framework,” in Proceedings of the 2nd ACM International Conference on Embedded Systems For Energy-Efficient Built Environments (BuildSys), 2015.


    We would like to thank our master student Antonio Reyes Lua for support during data collection and processing.

    Data Statistics

    Fig 1. - Histrogram of appliance load profiles in DRED.


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