R.R. Venkatesha Prasad

Dr. RangaRao Venkatesha Prasad

Associate Professor, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, Fellow IETE
Networked Systems (
Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (
Delft University of Technology (
TU Delft)
Address: Room 2E.100, Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6, 2628 XE, Delft, the Netherlands
Phone: +31 15 2786272, Mobile: +31 (0)629268628


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Recent News


·        Watch this space for our new book "Cook Over IP: Cordless Smart Kitchen Appliance, Architectures and Protocols" to be published in SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology.

·        Our COVID19 Analysis is here.

·        Received the ACM Mobicom 2020 Best Paper Award for our Paper “Hummingbird: Energy Effcient GPS Receiver for Small Satellites   by Sujay Narayana, R Venkatesha Prasad, Vijay S Rao, Luca Mottola, T Venkata Prabhakar.

·        My team WINS the Airbus Fly Your Ideas Challenge!! [First out of 284 Teams]  See EEMCSPage, EconomicTimes & Luchtvaartnieuws and our idea is here (another video with details is here).

·        With Indian Science & Technology Minister Dr. Harshavardhan

·        Lunch hosted by PM Sri Narendra Modi! (Click Here); My meeting with Smt. Sushma Swaraj and Gen. V K Singh, (Foreign ministers of India) (Click Here).

·        Best paper award, ACM/IEEE Internet of Things - Design and Implementation.

·        Watch this Space!


I am an associate professor at Embedded Software group of Delft University of Technology since 2013. My research interests are in the area of Tactile Internet, Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), Energy Harvesting and 60 GHz millimeter wave networks. I have supervised 18 PhD students (15 graduated, 3 ongoing) and more than 40 MSc students (36 graduated). I have participated in several European and Dutch national projects in the area of IoTs, 60 GHz communications, Smart-energy systems, Personal networks and Cognitive Radios. I have (co)authored more than 200 publications in the peer-reviewed international transactions/journals and conferences. I was responsible for the signing of an MoU between IISc-TUDelft.. In 2015, I received 4TU University Teaching Qualification diploma with distinction. I have served on the editorial board of many international journals and magazines including IEEE Transaction on Green Communication Networks, IEEE JSAC, IEEE Communication Magazine, IEEE Surveys and Tutorials and Elsevier-Communication Networks. I am a regular reviewer for many prestigious journals and conferences and serves as the TPC member for various conferences. I am also contributing to the academic community by leading many IEEE activities, such as memberships of standards boards, leading technical committees, etc. I was nominated as the vice-chair of IEEE Tactile Internet standardization group. For my excellent research contributions, I am selected as the IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer on Internet of Things for the period 2016-2018. From 2005-12 I was a senior researcher and adjunct faculty at TU Delft working on the EU FP7 Magnet (and Beyond) Project and the Dutch project PNP-2008 on Personal Networks (PNs), Future Home Networks, etc. I completed my PhD from IISc, Bangalore, India in 2003. During my PhD research, a scalable VoIP conferencing platform was designed. Many new ideas including a conjecture were formulated and tested by developing an application suite based on my research findings. The work involved an understanding of network protocols, application design and human-computer interface. My thesis work lead to a startup venture, Esqube Communication Solutions. I was leading a team of engineers developing many real-time applications including bridging anonymous VoIP calls called Click-to-Talk for Ebay.com. While at Esqube, eight patent applications and three PCT applications were filed along with my colleagues. Esqube was selected as top 100 IT innovators in India in 2006 by NASSCOM and top 100 in promising companies in Asia by RedHerring in 2008. I am a senior member of IEEE and ACM.


My research interests include

§  Tactile Internet

§  Internet of Things (IoT)

§  Space Internet of Things (Space IoT)

§  Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)

§  Energy Harvesting

§  5G and 60 GHz millimeter wave networks

I want to Share!

§  Selfie With My Trees (N = 110, and counting; Planted almost 700) Recent Video: Here (someone recorded it ad hoc J) One, Two

§  A Noble cause! Please help!

§  God! Teach us to smile! but let us not forget we had cried some day, it is our duty to bring smiles! -- Sindhuthai

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Honours & Recognitions

§  I was invited to attend Microsoft Faculty Summit 2018.

§  Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE

§  Selected by External Affairs Minister of India as one of the 10 leading Indian scientists outside India to discuss/advise on “Developing Cyber Capacity of India”. (My experience recorded here).

§  Selected (amongst 15 persons) to meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Netherlands. See a short write-up here.


Meeting Hon. Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi


With Hon. External Affairs Minister and IT Minister of Govt. of India



With IT Minister of Govt. of India



Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi hosted Lunch in Varanasi for all the panel members


Meeting Smt. Sushma Swaraj and General V K Singh

Foreign minister and deputy Foreign Minister, Govt. of India


Winning the Airbus Challenge on IoT

Discussing with Since & Technology minister of India Dr. Harshavardhan and Dutch commerce Minister

    Trying to reach the MOON!