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EWI ALG Cees WitteveenHow to reach my office?
In Delft
My visiting address is the EWI building, Mekelweg 4 (building 36 on the map below)
Visit www.9292ov.nl for details on how to reach Mekelweg 4 by public transport. Or Google Maps to get directions to drive here by car (mind however, that the Mekelweg itself is closed for cars, so you should use for example the Rotterdamseweg, parallel to the Mekelweg to the west). The TU Delft Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computerscience homepage presents a detailed map of the campus, as well as the nearby access roads.

Once inside the EEMCS (EWI) building, take the elevator to the 7th floor and go right on the corridor until you reach the room number 07.110. You can also ask the doorman to call me at +31 15 278 2521. Visit The Dutch National Railway System web site to find a suitable train to Delft from all the locations in Netherlands and a number of large cities in the nearby countries. Once in Delft, follow the on how to reach the EEMCS building, and then my office. You can reach the Netherlands by plane using the services of many airlines, e.g., KLM. The typical flight lands at Schiphol airport. From Schiphol, you can take the (40 minutes fare). Once in Delft, follow the on how reach the EEMCS building, and then my office.