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The best team sport I've ever played!
Playing Punch D1,D2 , TUDelft, NL
Coaching Punch H6(5) , TUDelft, NL -- I have a great team, even though they do not care too much about tactics, or playing schemes... they are the best!
Referee-ing - Class F in NL, hope to advance
Mixed Tournaments Punch IT8 -- if you ever thought playing mixed basketball, a game where the girls have all the advantages, check out the international tournaments! Great fun, great games, lots of parties!

A surprise team-sport, with great heroes and (too) big scandals
Riding my bike everyday, to TUDelft, NL. Yes, I know, not lots of performance in 4-5km each way, on the very flar roads of NL. Trying to improve, though ...
Tour de France , the most difficult and yet the most beautiful race in road cycling. Just amazing!

A tool to support everyday activities
I'll post here some of my favourite romanian receipes. Try on your own risk!

Ana Lucia Varbanescu

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