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 Name Ana Lucia Varbanescu
Assistant Professor at University of Amsterdam and Guest Researcher Researcher within the Parallel and Distributed Group of the TU Delft, Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EWI).
 ASCI A24, December 2014  
These are the presentations, grouped by days.
 ASCI A24, Nov-Dec 2012 -- OLDER VERSIONS !!!  
These are the presentations, grouped by days.
 Future events Astro-HPC 2012 (with HPDC 2012)
I am one of the organizers and co-chairs of AstroHPC , the first workshop on High Performance Computing in Astronomy. The workshop is collocated with HPDC 2012, and it will take place in Delft, The Netherlands, on 18/19 June 2012.
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The Scalp project aims at the creation of an efficient and effective programming methodology for the next generation high performance architectures in Consumer Electronic products.
Please visit the official SCALP web site for more details.


PAM-SoC is a light semi-static performance prediction toolchain that computes system-level performance estimations for applications running on MPSoCs.
Please visit my research web page for more details.


Ana Lucia Varbanescu

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