How to get to the ITS building "Zuidplantsoen"

The faculty ITS is divided over two main locations, Zuidplantsoen and Mekelweg. This info page describes the location Zuidplantsoen. 


This map shows the place of the ITS building on the campus of the TU Delft.

map of campus with TWI building circled

This is a fragment of a larger map.

Getting there by car

From the direction of Rotterdam:

From the Hague, the simplest route is:

This is not the shortest route; you can also take the exit "Delft" (where the IKEA is), but directions for that are complicated. To be able to park your car near the ITS building, is recommended to take the "Schoemakerstraat" (see map), and take the first exit to the right.

By train

On the square before the station, you can take a taxi or a bus, or you can walk (10 to 15 minutes).

This page is partly based on the "directions" page on the home page of  Kees van Reeuwijk.