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IN1305: Fundamentele Informatica I (see BlackBoard for further details)
M.Sc. thesis Template at the Parallel and Distributed Group'); item('The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX2e'); item('LaTeX symbols for all special characters'); item('BiB-TeX reference for an explanation per entry'); item('A list of tips and common mistakes'); item('GNUplot is the perfect tool for generating graphs from data'); item('Complexity is a usefull package when using complexity classes'); item('Chess fonts for easy use and display of chess moves and positions'); end_section(); section("Common Mistakes","A mistake is easily introduced but often hard to find and correct"); item('Incorrect use of the word logistic: it should often be logistics'); end_section(); line_fill(); begin_rhs(); begin_data(); end_data(); end_rhs(); page_footer(); ?>