Niels Reijers

PhD. Student

Curriculum Vitae

General information

Name Niels Reijers
   Address Faculty of Information Technology and Systems
   Parallel and Distributed Systems group, room HB09.070
   Mekelweg 4, 2628CD Delft, The Netherlands
   Tel. +31152787217
   Address Lelieveld 51, 2914CD Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, The Netherlands
   Tel. +31180317172
   Tel. mobile +31622612863
Date of birth February 5, 1977
Nationality Dutch


02-now PhD Student at the Delft University of Technology, Parallel and Distributed Systems group. Research on wireless sensor networks in the 'Consensus' project.
95-02 Delft University of Technology, MSc in Computer Science. Parallel and Distributed Systems group. Final year project done at Trinity College Dublin.
89-95 Secondary school: Gymnasium, Emmaus College, Rotterdam.
Dutch, English, Greek, Math: Statistics, Math: Algebra, Business Economy, Physics


02jul-sep Delft University of Technology
Research Assistant. Comparing positioning algorithms for wireless sensor networks.
01may-dec Trinity College Dublin
Research Assistant in the Distributed Systems Group. Worked in the FLARE project on positioning and communication in wireless networks. Done as the final year project for the University of Delft's MSc in Computer Science.
00feb-01may Millidian BV First employee of internet startup company Millidian, which received an award for Best Dutch Startup of the year 1999.
Involved in all sorts of work that needs to be done in a startup company. Primarily involved with the initial idea for and the design and implementation of the content syndication tool Radical Feedback.
98jul-00jan Broekhuis Solutions BV
Consultant on various projects. Most involved large databases in MSSQL combined with MS-Access and/or internet interfaces.


Over here.

Project work:

'02-now Project:Consensus
PhD research at the Delft University of Technology on wireless sensor networks.
'01 Project: FLARE, Employer: Trinity College Dublin
Research on positioning and communication in wireless networks. Resulted in MSc thesis.
'00 Project: Radical Feedback, Employer: Millidian
The desire to offer the functionality of the Global100 engine to other sites resulted in the creation of the content syndication tool Radical Feedback. This was designed to be a very open and generic architecture and can be used to publish any sort of content on any website, while the code and processing remains on Millidian's servers. Designed and developed the architecture using JavaScript and Visual Basic.
'00 Project: Global100, Employer: Millidian
Worked on the Global100 site, previously World Charts, which maintains global popularity charts for various fields in the entertainment industry. Mainly worked on the MSSQL database, the engine that calculates the charts and the architecture of the system that generate the HTML pages. Global100 is owned by Millidian.
'99 Project: Bookmonitor, Client: Interview/NSS
Employer: Broekhuis Solutions
Worked on a database for Interview/NSS which is used to Worked on a database for Interview/NSS which is used to calculate the main dutch charts for book sales. These are published in several dutch magazines and newspapers.
'98/'99 Project: Sol, Client/Employer: Broekhuis Solutions
Developed the basis for an information system for Broekhuis Solutions using MS-Access and MSSQL.
'98 Project: BEEF, Client: Broekhuis Training
Employer: Broekhuis Solutions, Delft University of Technology
Project done with Broekhuis Solutions for Broekhuis Training, a dutch IT Training company. A system was developed to allow customers to fill in an evaluation form in a web browser for the training they had received, whether connected to the internet or not. This data is gathered in a MSSQL database to help Broekhuis improve its services and customer relations.