Resume P.M. (Petra) Heck



Contact Information


p.heck $at$


Working Experience

2012 - now

Fontys Hogeschool ICT - Eindhoven

Teaching and developing software engineering courses (from business study to testing) and supervising students in assignments, internships and graduation.



2012- now

EQuA research project - RAAK-Pro

PhD.-researcher in the Software Enigineering Research Group (SERG) of TU Delft.

Preliminary topic: Requirements evolution



2008- 2011

SQS Software Quality Systems - Geneva (CH)

Senior Consultant in the area of quality management, testing and requirements engineering.



2010 - 2011

Firmenich - Geneva (CH)

Quality manager for the Oxygen project (custom-made IT system to support all creative developments of fragrances and flavors).



2008 - 2010

Nespresso IT department - Lausanne (CH)

Quality manager for Nespresso's custom-made ERP system



2004 - 2008

Laboratory for Quality Software - TU Eindhoven

Consultant for industry and researcher on the area of software product verification and validation.



2002 - 2004

Organon NV - Information Services Department

Software analyst in the web development group.




1996 - 2002

Computing Science diploma, cum laude

Specialization in Management Science (1997) and Information Systems (1999), Eindhoven University of Technology




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