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Petra Heck, Andy Zaidman
Horizontal Traceability for Just-In-Time Requirements: the Case for Open Source Feature Requests
Journal of Software: Evolution and Process

Petra Heck, Andy Zaidman
A Quality Framework for Agile Requirements: A Practitioner's Perspective
arXiv preprint arXiv:1406.4692


Petra Heck, Andy Zaidman
An Analysis of Requirements Evolution in Open Source Projects: Recommendations for Issue Trackers
IWPSE13 and Technical report TUD-SERG-2013-007

Scientific activities

FRequAT - Feature Request Analysis Tool

Manually compiled list of 66 stopwords from Mylyn Task project
Dataset Feature Requests Mylyn Task project [20130408]
Dataset Feature Requests ArgoUML project [20130514]
Dataset Feature Requests Netbeans project [20130514]