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Introduction to Game Theory and Mechanism Design
given at EASSS'08
In multiagent systems multiple agents with individual preferences interact in a common environment. For the design and proper formal understanding of the interaction in multiagent systems appropriate mathematical concepts are required. Game theory provides and analyzes such concepts as equilibrium outcomes and strategies. Roughly speaking, mechanism design is concerned with the development of multiagent systems with desirable game-theoretic properties even if the preferences of the agents are unknown to the designer or to the other agents. It is also concerned with what is formally possible and impossible in this respect.
Slides (EASSS'08, 3-4 hours)
Slides (SIKS agent course '09, 1 hour)
See below for recommended reading material...
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Multiagent Planning
What is multiagent planning?
In computer science, agents in a multiagent system need to coordinate their actions. When this coordination is done before these actions are carried out, we speak of multiagent planning, because it are then the plans of the agents that are coordinated.
Slides on Planning in Multiagent Systems
given at the EASSS '05-'08, and AAMAS '07
All parts as given at the AAMAS'07, or
Part 1: Multiagent Planning ('06)
Part 2: AI Planning ('06)
Part 3: Coordination before/during/after planning ('06)
See below for recommended reading material...
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Multi-agent Planning: An introduction to planning and coordination (handout 2005)
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References to literature on multiagent planning
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