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Coordinating Agents' Plans and Schedules | Call for papers
Coordinating Agents' Plans and Schedules
Call for papers
EWI  Coordinating Agents' Plans and SchedulesCall for papers
The call for paper is also available as a PDF or ASCII text file.
Multiagent planning is concerned with planning by (and for) multiple agents. Nowadays a major issue in multiagent planning is the coordination of single-agent planners. Here, coordination is studied not only during the execution of plans, but also in the (pre)-planning phase.
A wide range of real applications could benefit from such coordinated planning technology, for example, in transportation and logistics, health care management, space missions, military tasks, and disaster management. Also, planning in the context of human-computer (or human-robot) interaction is inherently a multiagent planning task. Coordinating the plans of the involved entities up front has the potential to improve the efficiency of the whole system. However, currently, a great amount of research seems to focus solely on either planning, or the coordination of agents without the context of a plan.
The purpose of this workshop is to address the problems that arise when coordinating the plans and schedules of multiple agents. We therefore solicit papers with original work, as well as position statements or surveys that relate to one or more of the following questions:
Which applications require decentralized planning? Can we derive benchmark problems from these applications?
How can we evaluate multiagent planning techniques?
(a) How to measure communication costs, privacy loss, flexibility and robustness?
(b) How to measure plan quality when agents are self-interested (e.g., multi-objective optimization, or game theoretical concepts such as Pareto optimal solutions)?
What are efficient techniques to deal with the many problems inherent to a dynamic and uncertain multiagent world?
(a) How to deal with local autonomy, privacy issues, and conflicting preferences?
(b) How to deal with uncertainty and incomplete information?
(c) How to coordinate multiagent plan diagnosis and (local) plan repair?
(d) How to coordinate plans when agents' objectives (tasks, intentions, preferences,...) evolve over time?
Papers should include a section or paragraph to explain their relevance to these questions.
To summarize, specific topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
multiagent planning and scheduling applications
strategies for testing/evaluating distributed plan/schedule management techniques
self-interested planning agent
privacy in distributed planning
game theoretic planning
managing local autonomy in team planning/scheduling
mixed initiative and adjustable autonomy in distributed planning/scheduling
negotiation over tasks/intentions in distributed planning/scheduling
distributed continual planning/scheduling
plan/schedule maintenance in single and multiagent systems
plan/schedule repair in stochastic and adversarial domains
active (distributed) monitoring to trigger plan/schedule maintenance
distributed planning under uncertainty
multiagent planning with sparse or unreliable communication
Paper submission
Authors are encouraged to submit papers or position statements electronically in PDF format. Submitted papers should be formatted according to ACM specifications. ACM style guides, as well as templates and style sheets for Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, and LaTeX can be found at the ACM webpage. Papers should be no more than 8 pages. Please submit your paper at the workshop website no later than February 5, 2007 (midnight Honolulu, Hawaii).
Accepted papers will be distributed as informal working notes, printed copies of which will be available at the workshop. The authors of selected papers are invited to publish a revised version of their workshop paper in a special issue of Multiagent and Grid Systems, an International Journal.
Important dates
Deadline for submissions: extended to February 12, 2007 (midnight Honolulu, Hawaii)
Notifications: March 5, 2007
Deadline for camera-ready copy: March 19, 2007
Workshop: half a day at May 15th, 2007
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