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How to use FINT

This document contains the user- and installation-guide for FINT v.0.6 . FINT is an aspect mining tool that supports a number of code analyses for identification of crosscutting concerns, like Fan-in analysis, Grouped calls analysis and Redirections finder. The tool also supports combination of these analyses. FINT is available as an Eclipse plug-in.


FINT can be downloaded from its web-site. Save the .jar distribution in the plugins directory of your Eclipse installation and (re-)start Eclipse.

Run analyses

Available analyses:


Seeds management


Results of using FINT on various use-cases are available through the FINT website and results. These results are aimed at building common benchmarks for aspect mining. Contributions to documenting the crosscutting  concerns in the proposed benchmarks or other cases are welcome!

Known issues

Check the list of known issues


Feedback, bug reports, user-experience with the tool, etc. are welcome at Marius Marin