Combination of techniques - Fan-in and Grouped calls analyses

One combination available in FINT is for the results of Fan-in and Grouped calls analyses. For the same threshold value for the number of callers, Grouped calls analysis is more restrictive because it would typically look for groups of at least two methods that share their callers. Grouped calls analysis is hence likely to report fewer candidates, and partial lists of callers for these candidates, as the technique shows only shared callers.

For the same threshold value for the number of callers, and a threshold value of at least two for the number of grouped callees

Running the analysis

First, we have to run each of the two analyses (Fan-in and Groped calls). A possible combination:

Select in the Fan-in Analysis View the button for combination of results.


Check the radio-button for synchronizing the results in the Fan-in Analysis View with the results in the Grouped calls view. This command highlights the common results of the two techniques in the Fan-in analysis view. Instead of analyzing all the results of Fan-in analysis, we can consider only the highlighted (common) results.

Similarly, we can look in the Grouped calls Analysis View at each of the reported method, in isolation, instead of considering the whole group. This analysis does not report all the callers for investigation but only selected ones (namely, the ones shard by the other callees in the group).