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Marijn Heule I am currently a research fellow at the University of Texas at Austin. My new homepage is located here. My research focuses on development of algorithms to solve instances of the satisfiability problem (SAT). On of the results of this research is my SAT solver march which won several awards during the SAT competitions. Recently, I started developing a local search solver called UnitMarch and a cardinality solver.
Besides SAT, I am interested in other hard combinatorial problems such as the Van der Waerden numbers. For these numbers, I discovered various improved lower bounds. Some of them where obtained using SAT solvers. Recently, I became fascinated by the Eternity 2 puzzle.
My research is currently supported by the Dutch Organisation of Scientific Research (NWO), at the TU Delft.
Please take a look at the results of this (and previous) research at my publications page.
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