IN4343 Real-Time Systems Course 2016 - 2017

Course contents

The course addresses basic concepts of real-time systems, presents examples of real-time systems, covers real-time systems analysis and design, and gives an in-depth treatment of timing analysis and scheduling. The course is organized around the issue of real-time requirements and their impact on the architecture of a system. The considered system domain will be networked embedded systems.

To help students prepare for the written exam, in-class exercises will be provided throughout the course. Please bring pen, paper, a calculator, and the cheat sheet along such that you can actively engage in mastering the scheduling concepts of real-time systems.

The course will be accompanied by a compulsory practicum to acquire hands-on experience with the different scheduling policies covered in the lectures.

Schedule and slides

Note that lectures in 2015 were taped by collegerama (search for course IN4343). Due to an early start of the lab this year, the lecture order has changed: 3,4,5,6 in 2015 -> 5,6,3,4 in 2017.

Lecture Topic Book / Reading list
1introductionchap 1
2scheduling 101chap 2
3aperiodic task schedulingchap 3
4aperiodic task schedulingchap 3
5static timing analysispaper [1]
6practical timing analysispaper [2]
7periodic task schedulingchap 4
8periodic task schedulingchap 4
9jitter analysispaper[3]
10jitter analysispaper[3]
11fixed priority serverschap 5
12dynamic priority serverschap 6
13non-preemptive schedulingchap 8
14handling overloadchap 9
15handling overloadchap 9
16 homework: practice exam answers


Course material


Exam Answers Results

Note that the answers are provided for reference and may be incomplete, for example, some numbers are simply given without the proper accompanying derivation/calculation.


For questions regarding the labs please contact the teaching assistant: All other issues can be discussed with the lecturer: