Pollicino · Finding your way ..one stone at a time.

Pollicino is a plug-in that brings a simple, effective, and non-intrusive solution for bookmarking the code: adding links/pointers to locations in files (text, source code, XML, etc). It preserves the existing concept of text bookmarks while offering more user-friendly features to create, delete and manage the bookmarks.



  • Collective Code Bookmarks for Program Comprehension
    Anja Guzzi, Lile Hattori, Michele Lanza, Martin Pinzger, Arie van Deursen
    In Proceedings of ICPC 2011 (19th IEEE International Conference on Program Comprehension), to be published. IEEE CS Press, 2011.
  • Handout (The complete handout used in the experiment, including the tasks, the pretest and posttest questionnaires.)
  • Technical Report (A technical report, including the anonymized details of the experimental data.)