Pollicino · Finding your way ..one stone at a time.

Pollicino is a plug-in that brings a simple, effective, and non-intrusive solution for bookmarking the code: adding links/pointers to locations in files (text, source code, XML, etc). It preserves the existing concept of text bookmarks while offering more user-friendly features to create, delete and manage the bookmarks.

We wrote a paper about our approach to collective code bookmarks (and their potential use during software comprehension activities). The paper was accepted for publication at the International Conference in Program Comprehension 2011, and can be downloaded from here.
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Give it a try! (Release 1.0.x)

To download and install Pollicino on Eclipse (3.4+), go to Help > Install New Software, and add the following site: http://www.st.ewi.tudelft.nl/~guzzi/pollicino/update/
Once Pollicino is installed, you can find the user guide by going to Help > Help Contents.


Pollicino is inspired by the fairy tail Hop o' My Thumb, in which a little boy leaves small stones behind himself to, later, find the way back home..

In Pollicino, bookmarks (♦) are called stones, which can help you keep track of the key starting points in the source code.

Share your stones! Help others finding the way.

A key feature of Pollicino is the possibility to share your bookmarks with your colleagues. Simply export and send them to your colleagues, so they can see the important parts of the code that you are trying to point out to them.