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Parallel and Distributed Systems
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Main teaching interests
teaching areas
Computer systems
Distributed systems
Distributed algorithms

Bachelor's courses
courses within the Bachelor's curricula at TU Delft/EWI
Operating System Concepten (IN1805-I), 1e jaar

Inleidend vak op het gebied van operasting systems.

Voor TUD studenten is meer informatie beschikbaar op Blackboard.

Master's courses
courses within the Master's curricula at TU Delft/EWI
Distributed Algorithms (IN4150)

In this course, basic distributed algorithms are treated for such problems as synchronization, causal message ordering, deadlock, mutual exclusion, election, minimum-weight spanning trees, consensus, and stabilization. A considerable part of the course is devoted to peer-to-peer systems.

For TUD students, more information is available on Blackboard.

PhD courses
PhD courses
Fundamentals and Design of Distributed Systems (ASCI course A9)

with Maarten van Steen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Advanced Grid Programming Models (ASCI course A14)

with Thilo Kielmann (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)




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