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generalities on MSc projects
For general information on doing an MSc in the PDS group, see this page.

Current MSc projects
current MSc students
Egbert Bouman, Online Social Gaming Networks.
Mustafa Bouazzaoui, Option-pricing applications in Grids.
Gargi Prasad, Support for Map-Reduce in Grids and Clouds.

Available MSc projects
topics for MSc projects (if you are interested, please contact D.H.J. Epema)
P2P: various topics in reputation systems and related graph-processing
Grids and clouds: Adapting bio-informatics applications to grids and clouds

Previous MSc Projects
previous MSc students (to be completed)
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1994 | 1993 | 1992 | 1991 | 1990
Yoram Versluis, Sphinx: Locating Malicious Nodes in Corporate Distributed Hash Tables .
msc thesis Article, PDF [175KB]  

Bart Grundeken, Adding Cycle Scavenging Support to the KOALA Grid Resource Manager .
msc thesis Article, PDF [175KB]  

Fabian van der Werf, TriblerShare: A Scalable P2P-Based Web 2.0 Platform.
msc thesis Article, PDF [175KB]  

Paul Duijkers, Performance Analysis of Chainsaw-Based Live P2P Video Streaming .
msc thesis Article, PDF [175KB]  

Shanny Anoep, Trace-Based Performance Analysis of Scheduling Bags of Tasks in Grids.
msc thesis Article, PDF [175KB]  

Steven Koolen, Creating and Maintaining Relationships in Peer-to-Peer Networks.
msc thesis Article, PDF [175KB]  

Mark van Ameijden, Connecting Replica Exchange Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Visualisation in a Grid.
msc thesis Article, PDF [175KB]  

Michel Meulpolder, Tribler-Campus: An Integrated Peer-to-Peer Platform for File Distribution in Course Management Systems.
msc thesis Article, PDF [175KB]  

Jelle Roozenburg, Secure Decentralized Swarm Discovery in Tribler.
msc thesis Article, PDF [175KB]  

Wouter Lammers, Adding Support for New Application Types to the KOALA Grid Scheduler.
msc thesis Article, PDF [175KB]  

Gijs van der Ent, Symptop: A Simulation Toolkit for Peer-to-Peer Networks.
msc thesis Article, PDF [175KB]  

Renze Steenhuisen, Transposition-Driven Scheduling in Parallel Two-Player State-Space Search.
msc thesis Article, PDF [175KB]  

Dion Wooning, The Artaras Job Scheduler for Multicomputers.
msc thesis Article, PDF [175KB]  

Taco Dijkstra, Simulating Cooperation in Ad-hoc Networks.
msc thesis Article, PDF [175KB]  

Jan David Mol, Resource Allocation for Streaming Applications in Multiprocessors.
msc thesis Article, PDF [175KB]  

Jove Sinaga, A Dynamic Co-Allocation Service in Multicluster Systems.
msc thesis Article, PDF [175KB]  




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