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Full Moon in Szeged, Hungary (c) M. Capotă 2011

Victor Grishchenko, PhD

formerly a post-doc at TU Delft EWI PDS

Research Interests

My research revolves around two key topics: infocentric networks and deep hypertext.

The idea of information-centricity implies that Internet users are primarily interested in data, not servers or connections. Thus, by building network infrastructure around named data, we may achieve ubiquitous data availability, DDoS-resistance, fluid network topologies and many new interesting features that are not fully understood yet.

The idea of deep hypertext means being able to handle an evolving text in its entirety, with all its changes, authorship, versions and branches. In a sense, it is a vision of a version-controlled Web. These days, generation, storage or transmission of texts is no longer a bottleneck; just imagine the total volume of publications in any given area of knowledge. Perception is the bottleneck. Thus, fused, distilled, compiled and continuously updated texts will play increasingly important roles in the future. Wikipedia is a good example, and that is only the beginning.


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On my spare time, I design, make, and use (paper) notebooks. Good old paper is still better in many regards than anything electronic.