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Technical reports
Marijn Heule and Hans van Maaren
Whose side are you on? Finding solutions in a biased search-tree
Proceedings of Guangzhou Symposium on Satisfiability In Logic-Based Modeling (2006), 82-89.

Paul Herwig, Marijn Heule, Martijn van Lambalgen, and Hans van Maaren
A new method to construct lower bounds for Van der Waerden numbers

Marijn Heule and Hans van Maaren
Effective Incorporation of Double Look-Ahead Procedures

Marijn Heule and Oliver Kullmann
Decomposing clause-sets: Integrating DLL algorithms, tree decompositions and hypergraph cuts for variable- and clause-based graph representations of CNF's Marijn Heule
SmArT solving: Tools and techniques for satisfiability solvers (March 2008)

Linda van Norden
Operations Research based approaches for the (maximum) satisfiability problem (Februari 2006)

Joost Warners
Nonlinear Approaches to Satisfiability Problems (September 1999) Bas Schaafsma
MiniMerge: Symmetry-Free Learning in Combinatorial Problems (May 2009)

Stephan van Keulen
Using the bias of the direction heuristic of SAT solvers (August 2008)

Rogier Poldner
MINIZSAT: A semi SAT-based pseudo-Boolean solver (April 2008)

Siert Wieringa
Finding cores using a Brouwer's fixed point approximation algorithm (August 2007)
Research assignment: MiniMarch: Embedding lookahead direction heuristics in a conflict driven solver

Jantien Hartog
Timetabling on Dutch High Schools: Satisfiability versus gp-Untis (April 2007)

Martijn van Lambalgen
3MCard: A Lookahead Cardinality Solver (October 2006)

Paul Herwig
Decomposing Satisfiability Problems (October 2006)

Kenneth Chin-A-Fat
School Timetabling using Satisfiability Solvers (September 2004)

Tom van der Velden
Stabilization of Parameter Based Look-Ahead SAT Solvers (February 2004)

Marijn Heule
March: Towards a look-ahead SAT solver for general purposes (March 2003) Student reports to finish their course on Computational Logic and Satisfiability

Tom Lotgering
SAT and MAX-SAT Encodings for Triangle Packing

Nick Kraayenbrink, Frits de Nijs, and Mladen Vavic
Symmetries in Graceful Trees

Tim van Heugten, Hamid Mushtaq, Pieter Senster and Ot ten Thije
Exploring the Spectrum between CDCL and Local Search SAT Solvers

Dimitrios Athanasiou and Marco Alvarez Fernandez
Recursive Weight Heuristic for Random k-Sat

Stephan Emmerich, Ronald Evers, and Thijmen Krebs
Conflict clause afterburner

Dietger van Antwerpen, Menno den Hollander, and Bart de Keijzer
Bit-parallel Learning from Generic Assignments

Nathan Bruning, Tim Koopman, Siem Kok, Joris Scharpff, and Jip-Man Vuong
Applying Extended Resolution and Forced Patterns on Random 3-SAT instances

Bas Schaafsma, Thomas Verwoerd, Leonard van Driel, Cor-Paul Bezemer, and Jelle Fresen
March cluster: Improving The Performance Of Lookahead Solvers On SAT Problems With A Large Diameter

Danny Roest, Ferdi Grootenboers, and Menno Lodder
Enhancing UnitMarch with Alternative Local Search Methods and Unit Propagation Delft University of Technology

Jan-Gerrit Bonke and Jeroen van Belle
Research on the influence of 3SAT transformation on the performance of solvers

Michael Jepson and Martijn Mol
Improving UnitMarch

Bart Grundeken, Michael Hendichs, Benny van Reeven, and Robin van der Rijst
JASS: Jolly Awesome Satisfiability Solver

Shanny Anoep, El Drijver, Arvind Ganga, and Martijn Kirsten
Resolution proof for look-ahead SAT solvers

Dimosthenis Mpekas, Michiel van Vlaardingen, and Siert Wieringa
The first steps to a hybrid SAT solver

Vincent Heinink, Melinda Seckington, and Fabian van der Werf
Experiments on random 2-SoftSAT

Anne-Aimee Bun, Paul Herwig,
Martijn van Lambalgen en Michel Meulpolder
New lowerbounds to Van Der Waerden numbers

Maarten Bezemer, Joost Cassee,
Taco IJsselmuiden en Rinie van der Plaat
Conflict clauses in a look-ahead SAT solver

Alexander Keur, Coen Stevens, and Mark Voortman
Symmetry Breaking Options in Conflict Driven SAT Solving