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General remarks


The assignments should be turned in no later than 08:59 on the dates listed below:

Assignment Date
1 April 14 $^\textrm{\small th}$, 2003
2 May 26 $^\textrm{\small th}$, 2003


The assignments should be accompanied by separate documentation, preferably in PDF format. The documentation should reflect on how you handled the assignment; report on your approach and link it to the general theory of compiler construction as provided by the book and lectures. For instance, for assignment 1 you could indicate where you applied left factoring to make the original Asterix grammar LL(1) and provide an example grammar rule. It is important that you are explicit about the particular problems that you encountered; you must clearly describe them, your solution, used algorithms, and so on. Nevertheless, the documentation must be to the point and concise, so limit your writing to around 4 pages. The documentation will also be graded.


At the beginning of this practical course, you will receive mail that will give you information about who will be your instructor. He or she will grade your solutions and provide feedback. On Wednesday mornings (09:00 - 12:30) rooms P, G, and K at Zuidplantsoen are reserved for working on the Asterix compiler, and one of the instructors will be present to answer questions and assist with practical problems (e.g., debugging code). Take advantage of this service!

Person Email address Room
Michiel Konstapel  
Otto Visser  
Niels Reijers HB 08.150


Grading is done per assignment. According to the following table, points can be obtained for test results, documentation, and source code. The total amounts to a 70 points maximum; 30 points are reserved for the final written exam.

Assignment Test results Documentation Source code
1 16 7 7
2 26 7 7

How to submit your work

It is useless to turn in your solution far in advance of a deadline; your compiler will be tested and examined (shortly) after the deadline.

Important announcements

Frequently check the blackboard (in4020); announcements and updates to this course will be posted there.

Useful hints

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