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Main interests
You may download and use freely software from these areas
Computer Games
Computer Graphics
Tools for P2P networks
Tools for web sites sesign in academic environments

Tools to support the teaching activity
LabManager 0.62b (2.34MB).

This is the Academic Web-sites editor used, for instance, for making http://cs.pub.ro/~ssc, http://cs.pub.ro/~pm and quite a few others... I generated 4-5 web sites with it, then LabManager generated 5-10 more sites in other people's hands.

+ Windows visual tool for editing academic web-sites
+ Easy-to-use interface
+ Install kit, with install/uninstall features
+ Runs on almost any Windows (tested with Win98/98SE, WinNT, Win2k, and WinXP)

Free to try, free to use, sources available upon request [AIosup@yahoo.com]

Game related software, sometimes even free games
LunarLockout solver and level generator! ()

Lunar Lockout solver

Lunar Lockout is a single-person board game by Japanese Hiroshi Yamamoto, published by US-based company ThinkFun. This software solves the original challenges proposed by mr. Yamamoto, and also generates new ones. However, it turns out that on the original 5x5 board the 40 original challenges were the best possible, so this software won't give you much fun into that!

Free to try, free to use, comments at [AIosup@yahoo.com]


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