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Parallel and Distributed Systems
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Main interests
My interest is inevitably attracted to these areas
Parallel and Distributed Systems
Computer Graphics and Computer Games
Software Engineering and Project Management

A brief summary of my work so far
Three years working experience in software engineering & management.
Strong analysis skills: M.Sc. in Computer Science, 2004, honors.
Strong technical background: B.Sc.+ degree in Computer Science (5 years curricula of a technical university), 2003, honors.
Quick learning ability.

Computer knowledge and skills
A summary of my computer knowledge and skills
Operating systems: UNIX (Linux), Windows (flavors), DOS.
Programming languages: C/C++ (5+ years), Java (2+ yrs), (Object) Pascal (3+ yrs), (Visual) Basic (1 yr).
Script languages: Python (2 yrs), Ruby (some), javascript (some).
RAD Tools: Borland C++ Builder, Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Studio.NET, Forte4Java, Eclipse.
Document markup: HTML, LaTeX.
Other computer-related skills: OpenGL, DirectX, MPI, pthreads, Web Design.
Other skills: software and technical projects management, tutorials and presentations.

 Work experience
A summary of my work experience

Industry Projects
A summary of past commercial projects
Name Leaderz
Type abstract turn-based strategy game
Time frame 2003-2004
Position all-in-one-designer-developer-producer-artist-cook-...

multi-awarded game

TUCOWS top rating!




Name TransPower
Type inventory / reporting system
Time frame 2002-2003
Position designer / programmer / artist
database system: dynamic reporting, national-size (100K items) custom database & security
dynamic gui elements, map selection of items

Transpower  Transpower  Transpower  Transpower 



Name TrafoMON Plus (8x)
Type inventory / reporting system
Time frame 2001-2002
Position designer / programmer / artist
real-time data acquisition system, from multiple sources
database, reporting, alarms with expert system

TrafoMON  TrafoMON  TrafoMON 



Name TV Manager
Type simulation/economic game
Time frame 2002
Position designer, programmer, artist

multi-awarded game

5 Stars review at CNet download.com

TV Manager!

Name Smugglers 2
Type space exploration/economic game
Time frame 2001-2002
Position programmer

multi-awarded game

5 stars award and a juicy review

Smugglers 2!



Name TrafoMON
Type inventory / reporting system
Time frame 2001-2002
Position programmer
real-time data acquisition system, single custom hardware source
database, reporting, alarms with expert system

TrafoMON  TrafoMON 



   Important dates
IGF 2006
registration: 6.Sep.2k5
submission: 6.Sep.2k5
review: 11.Dec.2k5
venue: 20-24.Mar, San Jose, CA, USA

Time is sometimes money!

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